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TextWrangler App Icon v1 by RobRayburn TextWrangler App Icon v1 by RobRayburn
I never liked TextWrangler's default icon. The icon was just so... ugly, and it just never said coding app to me, or Apple OS X dock worthy icon. This replacement I designed goes along with Apple's blueprint theme for coding icons.

Click DOWNLOAD to get the FULL ICNS version of this icon, includes: 128, 32, and unique 16 bit versions.

DISCLAIMER: I've inherited thousands of images, from countless unknown sources over the years. As such, given the fact that I'm rather artistically challenged and am far better at modding & concepts than I am at making most things from scratch (much like my cooking; thank God for TV dinners and a spice rack) an icon, an image, or part of a work that you or an artist you know of may have fallen into the current piece you are viewing. If this is the case please contact me, and I'll be happy to (a) credit you or other appropriate third party persons with immense praise (b) take down the piece, if credit alone isn't enough for you; because you feel so dreadfully infringed upon (c) kill myself.
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December 7, 2009
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